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One of IMOCO’s biggest assets is the collective experience of our employees. Many of our workers have been with us for a long time, spurring our success, but we also have newer employees with decades of experience like Project Manager Shane Arrowood. Shane’s familiarity with jobs across multiple industries helps us to remain the go-to commercial and industrial contractor throughout Western North Carolina and beyond.

One of the biggest reasons for IMOCO's success is the consistent flow of young talent into our company. With Project Manager Chelsie Hill, not only do we enjoy a wide expanse of engineering education, but her transition from school to real world applications has been so seamless that it's as if she's been with us for years.

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Tyson Foods faces $263K in fines after report of amputation also exposes chemical, fall and fire hazards at Texas plant


An employee of Tyson Foods Inc. in Center, Texas, suffered an amputation when his finger became stuck in an unguarded conveyor belt.


In the past 50+ years, IMOCO has gone from a startup in a small metal building in Hendersonville to providing industrial and mechanical contracting all over the southeastern US. Thanks to the dedication and know-how of project managers like Kevin Sawyer, we continue to develop new long-term relationships throughout our home region and beyond.