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IMOCO prides itself on meeting our clients’ needs in every phase of industrial and mechanical contracting. As one of our Project Managers, Phillip Sechler brings the versatility of experience needed to provide our clients with unrivaled process piping and equipment installation services.

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Ohio vehicle parts manufacturer faces $536K in penalties for failing to protect workers from machine hazards


On his first day on the job, a temporary worker at an automotive parts manufacturer in Mansfield, Ohio suffered partial amputation of two fingers. An OSHA inspection found that Milark Industries Inc. failed to install adequate machine safeguards, which led to the worker's amputation, as well as other machine-related injuries.


When it comes to industrial contracting, elite companies offer equal parts expertise and thorough safety protocol. At IMOCO, not only have our project managers worked all over the country for decades, our safety program is unrivaled. That's why our clients continue to work with us, year after year, project after project.

One of IMOCO's main services is heavy rigging—the moving of large industrial machinery in and out of facilities—which also requires complex electrical installations. And every company that does electrical contracting is required by state law to employ at least one "qualified individual," a licensed electrician who oversees and directs this type of daily work. As Project Manager for IMOCO, Norman Sexton can do it all. With over 30 years experience as a licensed electrician, as well as the expertise to oversee rigging projects and general industrial construction, Norman is one of the big reasons why IMOCO stays a head above the rest.


These top 10 most frequently cited safety violations have held their ranks in the top 10 for 4 years straight.  Does this tell you what top 10 things that an OSHA Compliance Officer will be looking for at your facility?