When it comes to industrial contracting, elite companies offer equal parts expertise and thorough safety protocol. At IMOCO, not only have our project managers worked all over the country for decades, our safety program is unrivaled. That's why our clients continue to work with us, year after year, project after project.



Optical Alignment


We know how vital proper alignment is for any industrial installation. Even the slightest inaccuracy can cost your company a lot more money in the long run. That's why we offer unrivaled expertise via our Optical Alignment Manager, Shawn Brown.


With over 30 years' experience, Shawn not only guarantees a flawless job-he'll get the work done fast, saving your company from unnecessary expenses. IMOCO's optical alignment services include but are not limited to:


  • laying out of machine centerlines prior to install
  • measuring the heights of machine components
  • setting base plates and rollers horizontal and at the required heights
  • investigating the deformation of bearings and drive shafts
  • measuring the flatness of beds, blocks, and plates
  • aligning and positioning components
  • checking the straightness axis and rails
  • establishing optical control points for a machine


Whatever your optical alignment needs, we at IMOCO promise you the timeliness and precision your project requires.


OSHA Training


Other companies might treat the position of Safety Director as a mere formality. IMOCO equips its employees with much more than just 10-minute training videos. With Safety Director Bob Revels, we offer 40+ years of safety know-how within our company. All of our employees are OSHA 10-trained, and from the superintendent level up, every position requires OSHA 30 training.


While it might seem that regulatory compliance is an industry standard, Bob notes that the top 10 most frequently cited OSHA safety violations have remained the same for 4 straight years. Where other companies might cut corners, IMOCO maintains strict adherence to all regulations. Thanks to Bob Revels, we're stiff competition when it comes to industry safety standards.


Clients That Choose IMOCO, Stay With IMOCO


In the industrial construction industry, client loyalty is hardly a given. But IMOCO's recent plant expansion contract with global manufacturer Kimberly Clark marks yet another project in a relationship spanning over 30 years. The expansion was ordered for Kimberly Clark's Henderson County plant, and the job employed about 30 local residents. Not only does IMOCO cherish its client relations, we also strive to serve our community.


With a host of other long-term clients like Michelin, Caterpillar, and Meritor, IMOCO's reputation across a variety of industries is clear-when clients choose IMOCO, they stay with IMOCO.


Why Go With IMOCO?


  • Minutes from the airport and 3 major interstates 

  • 9,000 sq ft of indoor shop space 

  • OSHA-certified, long-term, well-trained employees 

  • 100% drug free operation with full-time Safety Director 

  • Full Service Contractor for mechanical and industrial 
applications: design, build, installation, relocate, 
shutdown or maintenance 

  • The region's most comprehensive inventory of cranes, forklifts & rigging equipment
  • No third-party rental fees-we own the equipment
  • On-time and on-budget