For over 30 years, IMOCO Inc. has been a proud partner to Kimberly-Clark, a multinational personal care brand that encompasses many well-known products, including Kleenex, Cottonelle and Scott. 


Working Mother, a well-known magazine dedicated to women pursuing both families and their careers, has named Kimberly-Clark one of 2019’s Best 100 Companies. They have been recognized for their dedication to providing an environment for working mothers in which they have all of the resources necessary to care for their families, from paid time off to flextime and beyond. 


Kimberly-Clark was evaluated based on benefits offered, childcare, flexibility policies, and more. Through this evaluation, Working Mother determined that they met and exceeded the qualifications to be named on the list. Kimberly-Clark's dedication to hard-working mothers allows every mom to tend to their families as well as continue to advance in their career field - an increasingly more difficult task for working mothers.


IMOCO Inc. looks forward to their


 continued partnership with an outstanding company like Kimberly-Clark who places such high importance on taking care of their team.


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