(September 29, 2015) Kent Jolly has joined Imoco, Inc as a specialist with 25 years in food grade process piping. He has traveled coast-to-coast working on projects for companies such as Sierra Nevada, Chobani, Yee-Haw Brewing Company, Coca Cola, and Nestle.


Jolly’s skills include leading crews, blue-print reading, fitting pipe, and assembling pipe using a variety of assembly methods including soft solder, thread, Victualic couple, TIG weld, MIG weld, Stick weld, and more. He is extremely capable with PVC, copper, carbon, steel and all varieties of stainless steel. A former work colleague stated, “I would say without hesitation that Kent’s skills with tig welding stainless and carbon pipe are the best I’ve ever seen.”


"We are excited about Kent joining our staff," said Bill Harris, IMOCO Chief Operating Officer. “His vast experience and rare skill set is a major asset to our company.”