With the new year on the horizon, IMOCO Inc. will be experiencing a shift that will lend itself to positive growth and change! Rodney Pressley, who worked for the corporation since 1987 and then purchased it from Charles Collins in 2006, is now passing the torch on to his son-in-law, Geoff Bagwell. He is proud of what the company has collectively accomplished over the last 13 years, including acquiring property and ultimately building the framework and buildings that create the strong company as it is known today. 


“I want to thank you for supporting me in this firm for more than 3 decades. I have thoroughly enjoyed this time. Just as the torch was passed in 2006 from Charles to myself, the time has come to pass the reigns again.” Rodney said. The change has begun as of October 1st, 2019, and Rodney will continue to transition out and welcome Geoff in his place. 


Geoff understands that IMOCO Inc.’s vision is guided by the fact that management and all employees share core values that help guide the company vision. Geoff encourages all employees to continue upholding the IMOCO Inc. mission and vision by bringing forward their ideas, talents and leads to the management team. 


"To be an industry leader and trendsetter is providing a full range of industrial, mechanical and commercial services while developing and maintaining a group of employees whose talents and passion for their work match the mission and values of IMOCO Inc.”, said Geoff.


Moving forward, Geoff intends to continue strengthening and growing IMOCO Inc. as a company and a team. They will continue to cover all industrial aspects throughout Hendersonville and the surrounding cities, monitoring the industry and adapting to changes, remaining progressive, developing a strong organization, and cultivating a skilled and dedicated workforce. He is grateful for this opportunity and excited to begin the new year!