IMOCO, Inc. is pleased to welcome onboard its newest employee, Chris Patti. Chris will be the new Safety Director for all IMOCO divisions and will be helping to implement strong safety regulations on all levels of the company. 

Chris received two Bachelor’s Degrees in Exercise Physiology and Petroleum Management from West Virginia University. Shortly after completing his undergraduate studies, he was inspired to expand his education when he saw the need for improved safety regulations in the oil and gas industry. He then decided to pursue a Masters in Safety Management in 2017 at the same school where he received his Bachelors. 


After completing his studies, he began work with JH Consulting, doing project-based safety consultant work on pipeline projects. He went on to work with Shaft Drillers International doing pipeline and on-site safety management. After this, Chris worked with RATTEW, a safety consulting agency where he was able to collaborate with major oil and gas companies in West Virginia and Pennsylvania to develop safety programs and execute EHS procedures. 


After years of working in the oil and gas field, Chris and his family decided to move to the Carolinas. IMOCO, Inc. was a perfect fit because of their reputation in the market and it was an ideal workplace for his experience.  After meeting with the management branch, Chris believed his expertise could truly benefit the company and strengthen their safety program. He also appreciated their family-focused work culture and their value-driven customer service. 


As the Safety Director for IMOCO, his primary goal is to define and implement a stronger safety program from the top to the bottom and therefore distinguish IMOCO, Inc. in the market. He plans to do this by establishing more firm safety protocols and solidifying the safety processes through documentation. 


Chris loves everything about working in his current field and enjoys the freedom of the job and being able to take on different projects while creating his own schedule. There is also a sense of camaraderie at IMOCO Inc. because employees spend time together in and out of work which cultivates a strong teamwork mentality. He enjoys getting out into the field and building relationships while also using his skillset to develop a safe and healthy work environment. He is excited to begin his new journey with IMOCO, Inc.


Chris and his wife were drawn to Asheville because they had always wanted to live in the Carolinas. This is because they wanted to be closer to the coast while being able to live in the beautiful Appalachian mountains. In his spare time, Chris enjoys playing recreational sports, doing outdoor activities such as hunting and fishing, and working out.