IMOCO Inc. has recently hired a new General Manager, Jake Foster, who is ready to bring his skill set to the IMOCO Inc. workplace and culture.  Jake is an honorably discharged U.S. Navy veteran. After the Navy, has gained extensive experience in glass, steel, and oil industries, including production and construction.

During his time at work, he worked his way up from a maintenance mechanic to shift supervisor to maintenance manager to operations and project manager. While he was working in the glass and steel companies, he completed his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees, then switched over to the steel industry as a maintenance and construction manager. He then went to work with oil and gas distribution equipment and midstream construction before accepting the position with IMOCO Inc. Jake is also a Lean-Six Sigma Green Belt and has had an active PMP certification for several years.


At IMOCO Inc., Jake will be overseeing budgeting, forecasting, scheduling, safety, production and customer satisfaction. This includes working with already skilled individuals to develop and train them for continued growth. He will also continue to ensure that all employees are adhering to guidelines and regulations to maintain a very safe and reliable work environment as well as provide clients the best service available.


Jake plans to use his experience to make sure that the company is always pursuing differentiation and low cost to maintain market share and create new demand. He wants to ensure that they adapt to technological advancements while preserving their core foundation of having very skilled tradesmen. He will also cultivate a program where they continue to fine-tune and improve a very high-level training program for all staff.


Jake feels very fortunate to have connected with IMOCO Inc. He heard about the company through a family member, which prompted him to research the company further. Jake was impressed with the culture and long-term goals of the company. Jake’s family was also very supportive and excited about moving to the Fletcher area. 


In general, Jake loves everything about working in this industry. He appreciates the fact that there is so much that goes into every single machine that we interact with daily. He is excited that IMOCO Inc. is the one providing services to the people that provide these innovations to everyone in th community. In his spare time, Jake enjoys spending time with his wife and children, especially going to their kids’ sports games. As a family, they are very active and enjoy the abundant outdoor activities that the area has to offer.