The Federal Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) requires employers to provide safety training for every worker before they begin their job. The employer is then required to continue this education with periodic safety training updates. At IMOCO, we value the safety of our employees above all else and offer our staff regular education and training so they can work safely while delivering the highest level of service to our clients. Another aspect of continued education is to provide every member of our team with an understanding of our safety program so they can contribute to its development and daily implementation.  


Recently, IMOCO’s  Safety Director, Chris Patti, traveled to the West Virginia Safety Extension to become an authorized OSHA Instructor. In addition to guaranteeing that our employees are educated and trained in all safe work practices, IMOCO is taking it one step further. We are ensuring that all workers will receive OSHA 10/30-hour training. The benefits of having OSHA 10/30-hour training is that it gives employees the knowledge to not only identify hazards in the workplace but an understanding of how to mitigate or eliminate these hazards. We feel that safety education and training is a key component in our success.  


IMOCO is firmly committed to the safety of our employees and strives to provide a safe working environment. We value our employees not only as critical components to the success of our company but as men and women who have families that love and depend on them. Together, we can prevent incidents, injuries, and keep everyone safe in the workplace.