By Bill Moss, Hendersonville Lightning
Published: February 9, 2016


Kimberly-Clark Corp. has chosen a local contractor to construct a plant expansion.


IMOCO announced Tuesday that it had been awarded a large construction contract for the Henderson County plant. The construction project will employ 35-40 total workers, with the vast majority of them living in Henderson County. "We are so appreciative of the long-term relationship that IMOCO and Kimberly Clark have enjoyed," IMOCO Chief Operating Officer Bill Harris said in a news release. "This project alone will employ about 30 Henderson County residents, with an average wage of $24 per hour."


IMOCO has done work for the Kimberly Clark plant, as well as others across the nation, for over 30 years. Founded in Henderson County in 1964, IMOCO specializes in industrial construction, maintenance and machinery setup throughout the South.


IMOCO has offices in Fletcher and Spartanburg.