I'd like to express mine and Kimberly Clark's appreciation for the work and service we receive from lMOCO. Specifically,  this week's work around BK2's TAB fan. Steve and his crew's efforts were key to this repair. I realize all of you strive each  day to bring an exceptional level of commitment, but this was a perfect example of over and beyond. 


It started with a 4:00 am phone call to Steve Deaver. He answered the first call. To me, that is huge. I can't say enough how important that kind of reaction time is. Steve was key throughout the whole project. From taking care of the transportation of the impeller, to and from ISM, to all the hands on work and guidance he provided.

Mark Deaver, as always, was on top of anything needed from him. His help across the mill is crucial. Mark and Ed Mcclendon found some data today that triggered some in-depth engineering work. Thanks to Mark, we are finding the root cause of this failure. Kevin Quarles and Ken Burger contributed as much hard work as anyone involved and are appreciated. Their day to day commitment to the success of our mill is exceptional.

Thank you as well Chelsie. For being flexible and understanding that situations change daily, hourly, and letting your crews flow to whatever work is needed. We all have daily plans of what we want or need to accomplish. Thank you for helping us accomplish those plans, as well as the ones we don't plan.

Robbie Reavis