Bob Revels, Safety Director

Bob Revels has been in the safety business for over 40 years. In that time he’s learned a few things about the importance of taking safety seriously, and how to effectively train a team to be leaders in safety in their industry.

Many people view safety or the position of Safety Director, the title Revels holds at IMOCO, as a formality. They believe that with a simple video, employees can be effectively trained to use a forklift, but as Revels puts it, “safety is driven by lawsuits these days” and that is why receiving a full knowledge of the machinery you are operating is of the utmost importance. When it comes to construction, a fall due to lack of wearing proper restraints could cost someone his or her life. Revels says, at IMOCO, “we don’t talk in terms of safety, we talk in terms of let’s don’t get hurt here.’”

This dedication is what puts IMOCO at the forefront of safety in the construction industry. All IMOCO employees are OSHA 10 trained, and Superintendents and up are OSHA 30 trained, making them stiff competition when placing bids for jobs. All employees at IMOCO take part in a program Revels put together himself that he calls “Toolbox Talks” which include small safety training sessions that take only a few minutes for employees to read through. Topics range from staying properly hydrated to how to properly handle protocol in a car wreck situation. Revels says he periodically tests the employees knowledge by asking simple questions such as why they perform simple checks or take various precautions, and if they cannot answer effectively, he knows there is room for improvement. Revels’ expertise, however, can be utilized by all. Revels offers his training sessions to past, present and future clients. You can hire Revels to come to your company or onto your job-site and train your employees, knowing without a doubt that he is not only teaching them OSHA guidelines as a strong foundation, but including additional information that he finds necessary to provide your employees the best safety knowledge he can offer.