One of the biggest reasons for IMOCO's success is the consistent flow of young talent into our company. With Project Manager Chelsie Hill, not only do we enjoy a wide expanse of engineering education, but her transition from school to real world applications has been so seamless that it's as if she's been with us for years.


Chelsie earned her degree from Clemson University, where she studied electrical, mechanical, aerospace, and nuclear engineering. While in school, she undertook two separate client-based engineering projects, which taught her how to build effective client relationships. Here she learned the value of clear communication not only with the client, but amongst her project team—an important lesson she has immediately translated to her professional life.


"We work with engineers and electricians to move large machinery," Chelsie says. "If we don't communicate properly, the situation can get dangerous very quickly."


After joining IMOCO a little over three months ago, Chelsie has worked on projects across a variety of industries. On one job, she helped oversee a rebuild of a client's web former, the nonwoven fabric machine that forms polymers into strings and shoots them out onto a conveyer belt turning them into large rolls. On another job, her crew installed a brewery's cannery line. Recently, she trained alongside another project manager to perform a plant shutdown. Chelsie also enjoys all the different aspects of IMOCO's safety training, as it expands upon the protocol she learned in school.


In the coming months, Chelsie will continue to oversee projects for both the aforementioned nonwoven manufacturer and brewery. We're thrilled to have her aboard!