In the past 50+ years, IMOCO has gone from a startup in a small metal building in Hendersonville to providing industrial and mechanical contracting all over the southeastern US. Thanks to the dedication and know-how of project managers like Kevin Sawyer, we continue to develop new long-term relationships throughout our home region and beyond.



Bringing over three decades of experience to the table, Kevin has played a huge part in IMOCO’s expansion throughout South Carolina. From the Upstate and outward, Kevin has recently overseen a range of projects, one of which involved repairing a chemical line with leaking flange joints. Kevin’s team had to cut out the flanges and weld in a piece of pipe to replace them. On another job, a client needed a waste water line installation complete with an air-operated double diaphragm (AODD) pump and drain (when the structure was first built by another contractor, the drain installation was forgotten). Kevin says that one of the things he appreciates most about working for IMOCO is that jobs span anywhere from repair and addition projects like those mentioned above to full-scale installations, which require him and his team to exercise the full spectrum of their skill sets.


Above all, Kevin takes pride in the fact that so much of IMOCO’s business thrives off of long-term relationships with clients. Even after large installations, clients often prefer that IMOCO continues to provide maintenance services, as well as take the lead on future expansion projects. Kevin attributes this success to the quality of work his crew and others perform day in and day out—jobs done right and always on time.