IMOCO employs highly skilled professionals who are experts in their field. Ronnie Allison is one such expert. Allison is the Sheet Metal Shop Manager. He has been at IMOCO for 37 years, and in the field of Fabrication for 40.


Fabrication is a process where metal is cut and welded together to form a variety of products. These products might include ductwork, a steel platform, a table etc. As you can imagine, fabrication is necessary for the beginning stages of any construction project. There are different types of Fabrication jobs including steel, pipe and sheet metal fabrication.


As with any specialized service there are types of equipment you must be trained to use. IMOCO buys metal in a 10,000 lb. coil, so Allison uses an automated computerized uncoiler machine to uncoil and cut the metal into the sizes necessary for that specific job. 10-foot sheer helps to keep the precision when cutting the metal as accurate as possible. An overhead crane assists with larger pieces of metal so that size is not an issue. A Vulcan plasma table burns out the fittings.


Set aside the fact that IMOCO has a stellar safety record, so you need not worry about unequipped people handling the professional machinery, one might ask what sets IMOCO apart from the competition? The sophistication of the equipment that they use. IMOCO is one of the few companies in Asheville that has a plasma table and the only one that has an uncoiler. This equipment ensures that your project is completed efficiently, and the training and professionalism of the employees ensures that the quality of the work is unmatched.