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Ohio vehicle parts manufacturer faces $536K in penalties for failing to protect workers from machine hazards


On his first day on the job, a temporary worker at an automotive parts manufacturer in Mansfield, Ohio suffered partial amputation of two fingers. An OSHA inspection found that Milark Industries Inc. failed to install adequate machine safeguards, which led to the worker's amputation, as well as other machine-related injuries.



Milark was cited for: failing to lock out robotic welding equipment; bypassing safety interlocks to maintain production rate; bypassing safety devices while conducting maintenance; and failing to train workers on lockout/tagout procedures.


OSHA proposed penalties of $536,249 for seven egregious, willful and serious violations of safety standards resulting from multiple investigations of injuries and alleged unsafe working conditions. Milark has been inspected 10 times since 2007 and has been placed in the agency's Severe Violator Enforcement Program.


What is the Severe Violator Enforcement Program?


OSHA officials have often said that most employers are doing their best to keep workers safe. Yet employers who actively ignore safety regulations and put employees in danger are out there, and OSHA is charged with holding such “bad actors” accountable.


In an effort to better target its resources at non-compliant employers, OSHA chooses to focus on the most severe violators. To guide this focus, OSHA implemented the Severe Violator Enforcement Program.


Launched on June 18, 2010, SVEP is intended to target the worst of the worst violators. Employers in the program are placed on a public list identifying them as a severe violator, and they are subject to follow-up inspections.


(You do NOT want to be on this list!)


Safety Fact:

In a study funded by the National Institute of Safety and Health, public health sciences professor J. Paul Leigh of the University of California-Davis, pegs the cost of work-related injury and illness in 2007 at about $250 billion. That puts the price to of workplace health and safety problems above the economic burden posed by all cancers combined.


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