IMOCO's certified trainer for OSHA10 and OSHA30, Bob Revels, commented on the importance IMOCO places on safety saying, “Since 2009, IMOCO has had zero lost time injuries. This is almost unheard of in the industry.”

Here is a safety mistake that happened at another company. Imoco takes safety very seriously and hates to hear of such an unfortunate event elsewhere: 


OSHA recently cited and fined a Georgia company for $317,814 for: 

5 Repeated safety violations for failing to: 

  1. Administer an effective hearing conservation program
  2. Ensure nameplates were maintained in a legible condition
  3. Protect petroleum gas storage tanks with crash rails or guards
  4. Store and handle liquefied petroleum properly
  5. Outline clear and specific energy control procedures for shutting down and securing machines and equipment (Lockout)

3 Serious Violations for: 

  1. Improper storage of compressed gas cylinders
  2. Not ensuring an employee successfully completed training to operate a powered industrial truck
  3. Not allowing sufficient access and working space around electrical equipment

1 Other than serious safety violation for: 

  1. Failure to report a work-related amputation within the required 24 hours. (see information below

This company employs approximately 460 workers. It extrudes textile and plastic waste to make melt-filtered reprocessed pellets to be used in the automotive industry for injection molding.


Take a moment to inspect your facility for safety violations like the ones mentioned above and also make sure you have properly trained your employees in safety procedures and that they are complying with that training.


Fatality – Amputation – Hospitalization of 1 or More Employees


Federal OSHA or North Carolina OSHA
Do you know what the work-related injury reporting requirements are if your employees are injured in NORTH CAROLINA? ….. when to call…..who call?



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Our Safety Director, Bob Revels, can help you with safety inspections, or safety training needs that you may have, give him a call. Bob is an Authorized OSHA 10 & 30 Trainer with over 30 years of safety experience. You can contact him by calling 828-335-0088. Some examples of help he might give: Forklift Training, Global Harmonized System (Hazard Communications training), Fall Protection Training, Lockout / Tagout training, Recordkeeping, Pre-Employment Drug Testing, etc.



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