OSHA Recently Cited and Fined a Louisiana Company $157,147


When two employees lost consciousness and collapsed on May 17, 2016, OSHA was contacted to report unsafe working conditions. The workers were exposed to hazardous gas while entering a sewer system. OSHA investigators found the company allowed the workers inside a confined space without having tested the space for hazards.


6 Serious Safety Violations –

  1. Not providing safety data sheets at the job-site. 1910.1200(g)(8)
  2. Employees were not provided hazard training at the job-site. 1910.1200(h)(1)
  3. Employees were allowed to enter the permit-required space without the atmosphere being tested. 1926.1204(d)(1)
  4. Employees were conducting sewer repairs inside a manhole and the winch on the employer’s tripod was broken. 1926.1204(d)(8)
  5. Employer failed to perform pre-entry testing of the atmosphere before employees entered the manhole. 1926.1204(e)(1)(i)
  6. Employees were not provided training regarding confined spaces 1926.1207(a)

1 Willful Violation for –


Employer failed to develop and implement the practices for safe permit space entry, which included monitoring for oxygen content, flammable gases and vapors, and for potential toxic air contaminants prior to employee entry into the sewer and continuously or periodically thereafter. 1926.1204(c)

An expanded explanation of this company’s cited violations can be seen on the OSHA site HERE


Take a moment to inspect your facility for these and other safety violations. Make sure you have properly trained your employees and that they are complying with that training.




  1. An employee was assigned to repair baffles in a water tank truck at the main shop for a trucking company. The employee was using an airline respirator, an oxy acetylene torch and an argon wire fed welder inside the tank. There was a fire inside the confined space, burning the employee. Several coworkers tried to put out the fire with fire extinguishers and water. His body was retrieved officially a couple hours later.

  2. An employee and two coworkers were inside a 20,000-gallon above ground gasoline storage tank cleaning it. The employee working inside the tank became disoriented and requested help from the two coworkers standing at the tank opening. The coworkers made entry into the tank to rescue the employee and also succumbed to the fumes. All three were transported to a hospital. The first employee was pronounced dead. The coworkers were hospitalized but their injuries were not recorded.

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