When it comes to manufacturing systems for food, beverage, dairy, and pharmaceutical products, just any sanitary weld won't do. Because maintaining product quality is the number one priority here, the job requires an experienced and meticulous welder, otherwise you entertain a serious risk of product contamination.


While stainless steel remains the material of choice for food-grade product manufacturing, its corrosion resistant properties can be compromised if not properly handled. When overheated, stainless steel can be stripped of its protective oxide layer, which may result in rust buildup. Overheating may also cause stress cracks or microfractures in the equpiment surface, and product may become trapped in these imperfections, leading to cross-contamination. A reckless welder might also contaminate the piping surface during the deburring process by using a wire brush that's already been used on other metals.


At IMOCO, all of our sanitary welders are ASME certified to build, fabricate, install, and service systems for food-grade product manufacturing. With over 50 years experience in Food & Beverage Contracting, IMOCO offers strict regulatory compliance while getting every job done on-time and on-budget. Contact us today if you'd like more information about our services!