The mission of IMOCO is to meet our responsibilities to our clients, our employees and to our community.

  1. Our responsibility to our clients is to partner with them so they get the highest level of service and value from IMOCO and to ensure that projects meet or exceed client expectations.
  2. Our responsibility to our employees is to provide a safe and secure workplace where their unique talents will be developed and appreciated.
  3. Our responsibility to our community is to be a good corporate citizen in the areas where we operate. Whenever feasible using and encouraging local talent and leaving as small an ecological footprint as possible. 
To be an industry leader and trendsetter in providing a full range of industrial, mechanical and commercial services while developing and maintaining a group of employees whose talents and passion for their work match the mission and values of IMOCO.
Imoco management and employees share certain core values which help guide us to our company vision.
At IMOCO, we conduct all matters of business with honesty and integrity. We proudly uphold the values of honesty, integrity, and sincerity while remaining fair and ethical to our clients and employees.
Respect for the client and respect for the individual fosters contributions and an environment of trust.
We accept responsibility for our actions and promises. Whether working with clients or employees we stand by our word and deliver on what we promise.
All IMOCO employees strive to exceed expectations at whatever job we are given.