As a company that is heavily involved in the world of mechanical and industrial construction, IMOCO Inc. understands the importance of safety in the workplace. While the national number of workplace injuries and deaths have decreased over the years, our primary goal is for that number to be zero. At IMOCO Inc. we place the safety of our crew at the top of our priority list, and have hired a Safety Director who can commit every day on the job to creating the safest work environment possible. 


Chris Patti, our new Safety Director will work to improve employee safety in many ways including filling out a daily Job Safety Analysis (JSA). This procedure is intended to help companies meet safety standards, improve communication, assist in training and ultimately prevent injuries. By taking this extra step and reviewing the JSA with the IMOCO team, each employee can become fully aware of the potential hazards they might be exposed to. From there, they can openly discuss procedures and identify the safest way to proceed with any specific job.


IMOCO Inc. values its employees as men and women who are critical to the success of their families and communities. We believe that together, we can work to prevent incidents, injuries, and keep everyone safe in the workplace.


Read our complete Safety Policy and current Workers Compensation Experience Modification Factor here.